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Remembering Bob McWhorter

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Experienced business executive Scott G. Sink is a senior executive vice president at McGriff, Seibels & Williams, Inc. in Birmingham. Outside of work, Scott G. Sink is an avid fan of the Georgia Bulldogs, the college football team of the University of Georgia.

To recognize the meaningful careers and significant contributions of Bulldogs' players, the team honors worthy players into the Circle of Honor. One of the inductees into the Circle of Honor is Bob McWhorter.

McWhorter played for the Bulldogs from 1910 to 1913, at a time when jerseys never bore numbers. Comparing the statistics of the jersey-retirees with that of McWhorter’s, McWhorter scored the most touchdowns for UGA at 61, which is 4 touchdowns higher than the closest runner-up Walker. McWhorter’s 61 touchdowns in 3 years accounted for 45.19 percent of the team’s 135 touchdowns for the period.
The impact of McWhorter’s game for the Bulldogs is better understood by looking at the teams’ performance before his arrival and after his departure. For 11 seasons (1899 to 1909), the Bulldog’ win-loss record was a horrific 26 of 76 (33 percent) and averaged only 7.2 points per game. When McWhorter arrived in 1910, the Bulldogs’ combined record stood remarkable at 25-6-3, averaging 24.2 points per game over three seasons. Upon McWhorter’s exit in 1914, the Bulldogs’ record relapsed to just 3-5-1.