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When to Visit Istanbul

Scott G. Sink

Scott G. Sink, a successful insurance agent, oversees 60 people as senior executive vice president at McGriff, Seibels & Williams, Inc. In his free time, Scott G. Sink is an avid traveler, and he has visited such international destinations as Istanbul.

Summer, the most popular season in Istanbul, lasts from about June to August. Although the temperatures during these months don’t usually go above 90 degrees Fahrenheit, the humidity makes most of the city feel extremely warm. On top of that, Istanbul is a popular shopping destination and the bazaar and other stores are often extremely crowded. However, visitors who brave the heat can enjoy summer bargains at many stores in the city.
Visitors who aren’t fans of heat or crowds may prefer visiting between December and February, Istanbul’s wintertime. On average, daytime temperatures during these months range from 48 degrees to 54 degrees Fahrenheit, so tourists must pack plenty of warm clothing. Further, Istanbul’s winters feature frequent rain as well as fog.
By far the best times to visit are during spring and fall. Spring lasts from March to May and welcomes temperatures that hover around 70 degrees. Tourists can also enjoy some remaining winter specials on airfare and accommodations in spring, and a greeting by an awakening of Mother Nature.
Although fall doesn’t bring blooming flowers to the city, it still offers visitors cooler temperatures and fewer rain showers. Hotels and airfare prices are also more affordable between September and November.

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